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Can You Really Regrow Hair Naturally In 3 Weeks – We Explore

By ADN Health / August 21, 2018
Regrow Hair

We recently received a question from one of our readers if it was possible to regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks? Now it can be a tricky question to ask especially since we have come across a few people who claim to have gone from bald to having it all in just 3 weeks or 21 days.

The short and sweet answer to this is ‘hair transplant.’ That’s right you aren’t going to grow a thick patch of hair in anywhere near 3 months leave alone 3 weeks. The only way that could happen is by transplanting hair, but then that’s not the same as growing it.

What Causes Hair Loss?

A loss of hair can be for many different reasons. It can be caused by a medical condition; it can be anxiety, stress or even hormonal imbalances. So, it is debatable at best if it is even possible to regrow hair. Though admittedly many people have done it with good genetics, luck, and the right process.

At times the hair follicles just become dormant for some reason. When that happens, they stop producing hair. So, triggering new hair growth can be a considerable challenge. But still, it is possible to grow the hair back using solutions like Minoxidil and Rogaine, etc. Though none of these solutions will regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks. At times it can take up to 2 years depending on how much hair you have lost.

Can Home Remedies Help to Regrow Hair?

That’s a good question especially since we get bombarded with people on television and YouTube that claim that a warm coconut oil massage or onion juice will grow our hair back. The truth is that even though it might have worked for some people, it is unproven. We have yet to see results that are proven. As a matter of fact, whatever limited studies have been conducted show that coconut oil, neem leaves, onion juice may work better to stop hair loss as opposed to re-growing hair.

Now we certainly will not tell you not to use any of these home remedies. These remedies will not harm your hair or cause any other adverse effects. The only damage is to your wallet which still isn’t a lot especially if you’re talking about something like onion juice therapy. But to think you’ll regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks using any of these methods is wishful thinking.

What Should You Do to Regrow Hair Naturally In 3 Weeks?

You should do nothing, save up money for a hair transplant. It is the best way to get all the hair you lost back. However, it will not prevent you from losing other hair on your head. If the cause is a bad diet, try fixing it, if it is a medical condition get over it before spending on hair transplant. At the end of the day, our answer is you can’t regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks.