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Does Dandelion Root Weight Loss Really Work?

By ADN Health / September 10, 2018

You may have heard or read about celebrity fitness coach Jillian Michaels suggest that people use dandelion root tea to lose weight. The popularity of this drink, for the most part, can be credited to Jillian Michaels but does it help people lose weight? Also, if they do how much weight will, they lose? More […]


Top Benefits of Turmeric Water

By ADN Health / August 31, 2018

Turmeric is one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements we have today. Many studies have shown that turmeric and turmeric water can have significant benefits for the brain and body. Below we look at a couple of top benefits of turmeric water. Powerful Medicinal Properties Tumeric is classified as a spice which gives many types […]


Top Copper Rich Foods to Include in Your Diet

By ADN Health / August 27, 2018

Copper is one of the most essential minerals required by the human body. It is needed for connective tissue production and to retain bone density as well as the coding of specific enzymes. The enzymes help to reduce if not eliminate free radicals and help to produce melanin. Copper deficiency can often lead to conditions […]