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Does Dandelion Root Weight Loss Really Work?

By ADN Health / September 10, 2018
Dandelion Root Weight Loss

You may have heard or read about celebrity fitness coach Jillian Michaels suggest that people use dandelion root tea to lose weight. The popularity of this drink, for the most part, can be credited to Jillian Michaels but does it help people lose weight? Also, if they do how much weight will, they lose? More importantly, how does it work? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

Does Dandelion Tea Work?

In a nutshell yes, it does, but there are conditions! First, it is essential to understand that Dandelion root tea works because it reduces a person’s overall caloric intake. It is also a healthy drink good for everything from improving the immune system to making you feel active. Reduction of the caloric intake obviously means that you’ll lose weight but how much?

The figures vary some people lose more weight than others when drinking dandelion root weight loss tea. It all depends on if you’re combining exercise, a good diet and actively restricting your calories to lose weight. If all you’re doing is drinking the tea and hoping for the best the overall caloric deficit will be low and you won’t lose as much weight a someone who does a bit of exercise.

How Should You Drink Dandelion Root Tea?

Ideally, dandelion root tea should be drunk with meals. You can even add the root to your cooking. However, most people will probably feel more comfortable drinking the tea with their meals as it adds an interesting dynamic.

When drunk with meals the tea helps by promoting the breakdown of cholesterol and fat. A cup during or up to half an hour before meals also improves digestion as it stimulates the gastric secretion system in the stomach.

The other significant benefit of drinking the tea before meals or in between it is the fact that it satiates you. You’ll feel fuller and faster even if there is space in your stomach. So, that means you’ll automatically eat less and not do as much binge eating either. Plus, it makes you feel fuller for a much longer time. So, it is a win-win situation for weight loss.

Helps Drop Water Weight

Many people complain of having a great deal of water weight which makes them look flabby. It can also make a person weigh more than what they are because of the weight. While diets mainly focus on losing fat, the water retention is still there. That said it is an aspect of weight loss where dandelion root weight loss tea in our experience can help.

When you drink dandelion tea, it works as a sort of diuretic which flushes the water from the body. The more tea you drink, the more you’ll be flushing. On average you can expect to flush down 2 lbs of water weight in a week.


Dandelion tea is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. But we wouldn’t overdo it. Drink enough to up to around 4-5 cups at best anymore, and you risk dehydrating your body.