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How Does Ginseng Benefits Sexually?

By ADN Health / September 28, 2018
Ginseng Sexual Benefits

Now you’ve probably heard that ginseng is some sort of sexual wonder herb that can cure everything from erectile dysfunction to increasing sperm quantity. It also goes without saying that ginseng and many different types of it are used in herbal sexual medication. However, the most ginseng benefits sexually come from the Panax ginseng plant which has been used by the Chinese for centuries in their medicine. This plant is often referred to as TCM, and in the West, herbalists promote it as just Panax ginseng since it works as an adaptogen enabling a better and stronger response to mental and physical stress.

Unknown to many skeptics ginseng benefits sexually have been validated by many modern scientific studies. It is one of the leading male sexual stimulants on the planet. However, we still urge everyone reading this article to consult with their medical practitioner or healthcare provider before chugging down a few capsules filled with ginseng. You should be especially cautious if you have a preexisting medical condition apart from the sexual one you want to fix.

Used for Sexual Performance

Ginseng benefits sexually have been known to TCM practitioners for a very long time. Its known to improve sexual performance for both women and men. A couple of studies have over the years documented and studied its effects. The Maryland University Medical Center openly suggests that using ginseng helps to improve libido and even sexual interest. That’s in addition to the fact that scientists and researchers are still not sure of the exact relationship between the herb and the sex drive. Though the theory is that it works by enabling the body to easily adapt to stress which hardens the sex drive against the adverse effects of stress.

Erectile Dysfunction

The National Institute of Health suggests that daily usage of Panax ginseng helps to reduce almost all the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction or the problems underlying male impotence. One of the most significant benefits that men on ginseng will experience is longer and harder erections which are easier to sustain. Though NIH also highlights that more long-term and in-depth studies are needed to understand how ginseng benefits sexually and in particular if it is safe to treat sexual dysfunction.

Improve Fertility Support

The NIH has suggested that Panax ginseng improves fertility. Men taking a regular dose of ginseng will have better sperm counts and improved sperm mobility. That’s why it is recommended by almost herbalist that specializes in sexual health. The University of Maryland Medical Center has noted that animals fed ginseng as part of their diet saw an enhancement of their sperm production. Though more studies are needed to further understand how it works.

Premature Ejaculation

The NIH reported that combining various herbs including ginseng can help to treat issues like premature ejaculation. The treatment involves applying a topical solution of 0.20 grams of cream to the genital area. However, these studies are still in its infancy.

Final Verdict

So how does ginseng benefit sexually? Well, the honest answer is that the jury is out on it. But it does work, and millions of men are a testament to how well it performs.

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