How to Get Rid of Bruises?

By ADN Health / November 7, 2018
How to get rid of Bruises

Whether you are out training or perhaps was in a minor accident, you’re bound to have walked away with some bruises. Bruises are the result of injury or trauma sustained by the skin which causes the rupture of blood vessels. Generally, most bruises will disappear without much work on your part. That said when you’re looking at ways at how to get rid of bruises it is mostly because you want to reduce their visibility or pain or both.

The below methods are all natural and will not require taking any drugs.

Use Ice therapy

One of the traditional ways of getting rid of minor bruises which includes getting punched in the face is to use ice packs. By cooling the blood vessels, you are reducing the number of blood vessels that are leaking and causing the bruising. It also reduces swelling in addition to making the bruise less visible.

Getting Rid of Bruises with Heat

Heat helps to boost circulation which clears the trapped blood after it the bruises have already formed. It also loosens tense muscles allowing for pain relief. It is also an excellent cure for muscle soreness which is also caused by micro-tears in the tissue after rigorous exercise.

Use Compression

If you want to know how to get rid of bruises without applying anything, then the compression method is a good one. All you need is to wrap the area with elastic bandages. The bandages squeeze the tissue which prevents the blood vessels from further leakage. So, what it does is lower the severity of the bruise and reduce swelling as well as pain.

Elevate the Area

Elevating the area above the heart helps too. Now, this may sound strange, but doing this helps to reduce pain and drain fluid away from the bruised area. So, not only does this help to recover from the bruise faster but it gives you a chance to relax and rest which in turn also speeds up the healing process.

Use Arnica

Now, this may delve a bit into the realm of woo-woo because arnica is a homeopathic herb. However, a 2010 study showed that using arnica ointment on bruises aka topically helps to reduce bruising induced by a laser. Using it a couple of times a day and also taking it orally will help a great deal. If you ask a homeopath how to get rid of bruises, there is a good chance he or she will recommend you use arnica.

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K as it so happens is a nutrient which assists with the clotting of blood. The use of vitamin K cream is shown to have a positive effect on bruising especially after using lasers in a 2002 study. All that’s required is to rub vitamin K cream into the bruised area twice a day.


We acknowledge that this article has barely scratched the surface of how to get rid of bruises. However, it should help most people get rid of pain and reduce swelling while recovering faster.