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How to Regrow Hair on a Bald Spot for Men

By ADN Health / August 14, 2018
Regrow Hair on a Bald Spot

Male pattern baldness or suddenly appearing bald spots also medically called androgenetic alopecia tends to affect almost all men. Some men will encounter this as they become older while others will start seeing their hairline recede early on. So, every man wants to know how to regrow hair on a bald spot.

Generally, the hair loss will begin from the temples from where the hairline recedes. In some men, depending on how they are genetically dispositioned the hair loss will start from the crown. While most people will tell you that the only way to rectify the issue is to get a hair transplant which is a viable option but also expensive. Not to mention the fact that that does not entirely solve the problem. What does solve the problem is re-growing hair on the bald spot.

Some Drugs Can Help You Regrow Hair on Spots for Men and Women

A decade or so ago it would have been considered impossible for a man or woman with a fading hairline to regrow their hair. Sure, there are dozens of herbal remedies which may or may not work. Many of these remedies remain untested in a laboratory setting. The good news is that there are drugs like Minoxidil which have been tested and proven to reverse male pattern baldness.

Apparently, some people not aware of the effects of Minoxidil may consider this to be a marketing gimmick. However, Minoxidil is not the name of a product or a company but rather a compound, the copyright to which was held up until late by the makers of Rogaine. Rogaine costs a few hundred dollars for a batch capable of serving you for up to six months. However, to regrow hair on a bald spot can take longer for some men or women.

Now that Rogaine no longer has the exclusive rights to use Minoxidil in their products, there are now many generic variations available for a fraction of the price. Most generic variations even some sold by Walmart and Sears are just as effective.

How Soon Can You Regrow Hair On a Bald Spot?

If you opt to use a drug like Minoxidil to regrow hair, you can start seeing results in as few as six months. Though more visible results will take up to a year if not more. Depending on how much hair you have lost it can take longer.

Adverse Effects

Again, like all drugs, Minoxidil does have side effects. However, the adverse effects can be minor for most people like flaky skin, dryness, and itching. Though others may experience more severe issues like an increase in heart rate, digestion issues, etc.

The only way to know for sure what you’ll experience is to use the compound for a few months. If the adverse effects are more than what you can handle then discontinue using it.


As mentioned above the ability to regrow hair on the bland spot for men and women varies. It depends on your genetic disposition too. While Minoxidil does work, it may not work the same way for everyone. But you’ll never know until you use it. Just choose a brand that you can afford and use it for six months before committing to using it for longer.