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Pilonidal Sinus Home Treatment Tips

By ADN Health / September 29, 2018
Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Tips

Now before we get into Pilonidal Sinus Home Treatment tips and how they work it is important to advise that those who have been diagnosed with this condition are often recommended surgery. What that means is that they have to get the extra tissue removed either with some sort of laser surgery or with a good old scalpel. However, many people may not want to go down that route. Some may even want to delay surgery for personal reasons but require temporary relief until they can get surgery. That’s where these home remedies or treatments can help.

The below tips offer an alternative to taking over the counter medication. That said depending on the size and type of pilonidal sinus cyst these may work to a varying degree of effectiveness.

Saline nasal spray

Inhaling a saline solution does not only help to clear your nose if its blocked but also relieve some of the pressure by the pilonidal sinus cyst. You can either buy saline solution over the counter or make your own using baking soda, sterile water, and salt. Combine all three using the following ratios:

  • ¼ pint of clean water
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

Sniff the solution into the nose via each nostril. The other method is to put it in a spray bottle and spray it into the nostril. Do this a couple of times a day.

Neti pot

Neti pots help to rinse the nose which keeps the mucous membrane moist reliving sinus pressure. The device resembles a small pot but with a long spout. These are readily available online.

All you have to do is to clean your nostrils with sterile water by running it from one nostril to the next. In addition to calming down the symptoms of pilonidal sinus, it also cleans bacteria, pollen and dust.

Steam Inhalation

Out of all the pilonidal sinus home treatment tips, this one is the oldest. Using steam helps to open up the nasal passages. Also, if the cyst feels itchy or it kind of feels hard this will help to relieve those symptoms too. All that’s required is to boil water and put it in a large bowl, then lean over with the face over the water. Cover your head and start breathing. Alternatively, you can also use an electric steamer.

Use Essential Oils

The use of essential or natural oils is another crucial pilonidal sinus home treatment method which provides relief. Natural oils are derived from plants. According to the American Sinus Institute, there are some of these essential oils which relieve sinus pressure.

You can use Menthol which creates the sensation of opening up nasal passages. Just add a few drops to boiling hot water and start breathing the steam. While the oil has anesthetic properties, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it, in fact, opens up the nasal passages.


While the above pilonidal sinus home treatment tips will work their effectiveness will vary. Always take advice from your doctor before proceeding with any type of remedy.