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The Best Overactive Bladder Natural Remedies

By ADN Health / November 9, 2018
Best Bladder Natural Remedies

Do you have to visit the bathroom every few minutes to urinate and aren’t in your 80s? If that the case, then you’re suffering from what we like to call an overactive bladder. If you are unable to control when you go to the bathroom, there is no reason to suffer in silence. There is also a good chance that you don’t have any underlying health issues. That said sometimes it can be caused by medication. Regardless of the reason we’ve made a list of the most effective overactive bladder natural remedies.

Watch Your Diet

You will want to reduce the foods that trigger instant urination. These include soda, alcohol, citrus juice, soft drinks, caffeinated beverages, sugar, various milk products, artificial sweeteners, etc. It goes without saying that alcohol and caffeine are the primary offenders for most people as they work as diuretics. You’ll also want to avoid cranberry juice despite it often being recommended for better bladder health.

Reduce your Fluid Intake

We are not advocating that you drink less water because dehydrating the body isn’t a solution. That said if you’re drinking many liquids before going to sleep you will need to empty the bladder. That’s why so many people searching for overactive bladder natural remedies suffer from nocturia which is a term used to describe the need to urinate many times at night. It can be disruptive, and those who sleep very soundly may end up wetting the bed. We suggest not drinking any fluids past 6 pm the latest.

Urinate 2x Times Before Bed

Another highly effective natural way of reducing an overactive bladder waking you up at night is to urinate twice before sleeping. Pee then brush your teeth and go through the whole routine. Then minutes before you lie down pee again, even if you’re not feeling the urge. Try to get as much out as possible.

Schedule Your Trips to the Bathroom

One of the reasons why a bathroom trip schedule is so effective is because it trains your bladder which in the long term will prevent urine leakage. Once you’ve figured out how many times you’re peeing every day, you can start to schedule the trips, that can be done by adding 15 minutes to the regular time. Go to the bathroom even if you don’t have to just so that you’re sticking with the schedule. After a few weeks, you can increase the time between intervals of urination.

Delay Your Urination

Another way to retrain your bladder is through delayed urination. It does not sound very pleasant, but we assure you that holding out for just a few extra minutes will help to retrain your bladder. You can then generally increase the overall time you hold it, and ideally, you should be able to hit the three-hour mark. Only pee when you can’t keep it any longer and must absolutely let out the pressure. It is according to experts one of the best overactive bladder natural remedies.