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Where Does Dasani Water Come From?

By ADN Health / August 14, 2018
Where Does Dasani Water Come From

We’ve always been under the impression that Dasani water is perhaps pure water obviously because it is bottled and labeled as being clean. Though upon closer inspection, we found that in fact, this was just plain old tap water with a few added minerals. Some of these minerals according to doctors and researchers have adverse effects.

What is Dasani Water and Why Should We Care?

Dasani is a pretty famous brand of bottled water which sells what is called sparkling water, plain bottled water as well as flavored water. The majority of people, even the most health-conscious ones wouldn’t think twice about opening up a bottle and drinking from it. Nobody thinks twice because how unhealthy can water be? It certainly can’t contain artificial flavors, color or added calories which bloat us up. Though in reality, it can be far worse.

The only ingredient in this brand of bottled water isn’t just water. The company adds a couple of minerals and additives which it claims will enhance and purify the water. Though what their futile attempt ends up doing is causing various harmful side effects.

What About their Flavored and Sparkling Water?

Dasani’s flavored and sparkling water are some of the best you can buy today. The good thing about their products, unlike others, is that theirs do not contain artificial flavors and sweeteners. Plus, they are no added calories like some other competing products. Though the flavored and sparkling water products by the company are still not entirely healthy but are comparatively better. However, they should only be drunk in moderation. If you ask us, we’ll tell you that plain old water is healthier and far less risky to your health compared to this so-called enhanced water.

What are the Dangers of Drinking Dasani Plain Water?

Even though Dasani’s enhanced water is comparatively safe to drink the plain bottled water is another story. So, where does Dasani Water Come from? Unlike what many people may assume Dasani does not bottle water from a natural spring, but instead this is cleverly packaged tap water from some public source. Naturally to overcome the shortcomings of tap water which many people can imagine the company adds potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and a bit of salt. All these chemicals have adverse effects associated with them.

Magnesium sulfate is dangerous for both men and women though it is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. It has found to be the cause of birth defects. Potassium chloride is a chemical that’s part of what is delivered as a lethal injection to convicts. As such it has many side effects like diarrhea, weakness, cardiovascular issues, and nausea.

The added salt may not be harmful by itself, but anyone who drinks it with the salt will cause them to drink more. The result is that people get more than their required dose of daily sodium.


While water is apparently a good thing and essential for sustaining good health Dasani’s plain water is not. You’ll always want to use water that does not contain any extra additives. Now that you know where Dasani water come from it would be a good idea to turn on the tap and drink!